Dilating three

We just returned from our check up with gyneacoloog. She said my dilation is three and we might have our baby tomorrow morning. Woot! Did not expect to hear that but we are happy. Everything is doing fine my gyneacoloog said.

The bad thing from today’s check up is when she checked my dilation. It was so painful. I hope delivering my baby will not as painful as when she checked my dilation. I am also bleeding afterward but it is normal according to our gynaecoloog. Unless I bleed more, than I should go to hospital.

It is snowing here with minus two celcius degrees. Last week was warmer with temperature above ten. I wonder if our baby will be born while everything is white outside. Oh we do not have water today until 5 PM. Plumber is working on things in our building and appartment. So no water no heater. I hope they will finish it soon!!

I will update when another news come. Cannot wait to see our baby 🙂 Exciting!

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