Non stop blessing

So I am now a married woman since June 2nd 2012. Yay! 🙂 So I have been busy preparing my (DIY) wedding. We did it ourself with help from family and friends. Actually we wanted to get married 3 years ago but my papers weren’t correct. In order to be able to stay in this country legally, I had to do another procedure. After I was legal, we prepared our wedding documents from zero again and we had to save so that my parents could attend my wedding.

We didn’t want to have a big party. We wanted to have a simple wedding and inexpensive one. We didn’t have big budget anyway so no wedding organizer or whatsoever. We set the date with the city hall in January and started to prepare things since then. Praise the Lord, my parents visa were granted 1 or 2 months before the wedding. During the preparation, I was so tired that I wanted everything done soon. Preparing wedding is so mentally exhausted. So ladies, you better hire wedding organizer or just let other people take care of it! 😀 Anyway, it went great eventhough I wished things were different that day.. But the most important thing is people were happy. Because it’s not really about us but also about the guess. We want to share our joy with them. Oh another good thing from our wedding is we still have some money left in our account (we paid the wedding ourself).

We always want to have child as soon as possible but we didn’t expect this fast. Yes, we are expecting now! So on my wedding day, I had my first day period. I was so worried that time that I would make ‘red’ spot on my white dress. Glad it didn’t happen 😉 My parents stayed with us for the next two weeks after the wedding. We shared the room since we are living in a small studio. When they returned to my country, I started to browse some information about getting pregnant and stuff. So I learned that you’ll get more chance to become pregnant if you try to conceive during your fertile or ovulation days. My last first day was 2 June. Based on the iPhone app I am using, my fertile days starts on 17 June and my ovulation day was on 21 June. It said my next period should be on 6 July. Couple days before July 6th, I felt my pre menstruation signs. I thought I should get my period around 6 because I already feel the signs and if not I might be pregnant. So I waited until I was late. Oh before this, I also read a posting of my friend who used pregnancy test even since 7 days after her marriage. She did it every week until week 3 she found out she was pregnant. So… I thought, if she found out 3 weeks after her marriage, I might have possibility to find out now which is a month after our marriage. So I bought the test and did the test on 7 July. My husband had no idea about this. During breakfast on the same day, I gave him my test.. Still in a box (I putted it right away after I took a peak). He saw the test and I asked him what the result was but he said he does not understand. Haha. So he read the manual and he started to smile and said “You are pregnant!”. We were so happy and could not wait any longer to share the news with our parents and siblings. So we told them on the same day we found out.

I am now 5 weeks 2 days. I am having a bad flu and fever but I try not to take any medicine. This morning we tried to make appointment with a OBGYN. We told them I have a fever so that they can put me as priority (I am so worried about my baby) but they said nothing you can see on 5 weeks. We have appointment on 31 July and they said I can take paracetamol. So far I try not to take it.

Oh by the way about 2 weeks ago, if I am not mistaken, I went to a doctor because I had pain in my hand and my hand was swelling. She told me to make appointment with an orthopedic because she is a general doctor. In the mean time she gave me ibuprofen. At the moment I did not know I was pregnant. Now I read that ibuprofen can harm the baby. I am so worried about this. Is there anyone who has information or experience with this? Update: I went to midwife and she said the effect of ibuprofen is miscarriage. So as long as I am still having my baby, my pregnancy is alright. Thank God.

That is my non stop blessing. I thank Lord for trusting me and my husband with this baby. Thanks for stopping by <3

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