Give Thanks

People I know recently just had miscarriages. One of them is my friend. I do not know exactly what happened to them but I feel very sad to hear about it.

During my pregnancy I still do things what I normally do. Sometimes I get so tired even exhausted. I do not want to act like I am weak and I do not want people think I am weak. Sometime I push myself too hard for example taking stairs when I know I have no energy left or move/ carry heavy things.

I know pregnant women are not weak or sick, but since the news I heard lately, I feel like I should be more careful. I feel like I should take good care of what God has given to me. I feel like I should not push my self too hard just to prove pregnant woman still does what normal woman does. I think what more important now is keeping my baby safe. It is not that I will just sit or lay down but just not pushing my self too hard physically.

So I give thanks for still being able to feel my baby moves inside me. I hope he/ she grows healthy.


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