3rd trimester!

I cannot believe time goes so fast. We are now on the 3rd trimester (30 weeks 5 days). Two days ago my husband read about swollen during pregnancy and mentioned about swollen hands and other parts. Then I started to check my hand and our wedding ring. I could not take my ring off! Two months ago (I guess), I checked it and there was still a lot of space (my wedding ring was too big) so I thought I will not have take it off ever. But yeah I am swollen all over my body; feet, hands, face :S So the next morning I took my wedding ring off with the help of some soap.

Today we had our check up with a midwife. I had baby’s heart monitoring. They said from now on they will do this everytime I do check up. It is also to see if I might have contraction. We also found out the result of my sugar blood test. Praise the Lord, everything was good 🙂

I am so thankful because my pregnancy is running so smooth until now and hopefully for the rest of it and also with my delivery. I am so proud of my baby 🙂

We will have ultrasound next week with the doctor. We really hope to find out the gender of our baby that time. Fingers crossed!

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