Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Actually my Thai friend taught me to make this. It is quite easy to make and no need to fry this.

rice wrappers
rice vermicelli
chopped meat (any meat you like) – stir fry and add some salt and pepper
carrot (slice it)
spring onion (chopped)
tauge (clean the bottom and wash it)
* you can also use lettuce, cooked pealed shrimp, Thai basil.

Boil or put the rice vermicelli inside a hot water for about 10 minutes until it is soft (follow the direction on its package) but not too soft. Dip the wrappers in a bowl of water until it is soft then lay it on a kitchen paper. When the wrapper is not too wet, you can start to use the wrapper.
Put the ingredients on the wrapper. I usually put it a bit on the edge of the wrapper. Then start to roll it and it will left two sides open, just press the wrapper inside so the sides are closed. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
For sauce, you can use sweet sauce chili sauce.

The spring rolls are ready to eat.



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